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Tamar Land

Director of Business Process Development – MaKee Company


  Lead Strategist – DBE Hub & SBRC


  • Designs / Develop Minority and Women Based Programs for contracting, inclusion, and workforce in the Government, Private, and Public Sectors

  • Provides all aspects of the Entrepreneurial process and Ecosystem

  • Mentors / Coaches certified DBE, MBE and WBE firms in Business processes, Marketing, Job costing and  estimating, and construction project management

Highway Bridge

Zaylore Stout 


Zaylore Stout & Associates

  • 15 years of law experience

  • Dedication in human resources and business law

  • Provide contract and business-related guidance to DBE firms who may need legal advice

  • Provide 1on1 assistance and conduct workshops pertaining to contract law and human resource management

  • Zaylore Stout & Associates is a certified DBE, MBE, SBE, and TGB firm

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