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MKC - MN Sub-Contractors Forum

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November 17, 2022 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the group! I am exctied to have you on the forum!

Please feel free to provide feedback on the MKC workshops you have attended, share your challenges in the industry - including finding opportunities, certifications, bidding, and your needs for support in business development and technical assistance!

As an experienced tradespeople, site supervisors, project managers, project principals and general contractor, we understant and have lived the journey of doing the work, managing it, then owning and growig a sub-contracting business. We can talk the talk and walk it too!

Our goal for this forum to elevate your voice and provide solutions within our ecosystem so that we can succeed. More importanly, I want to provide solutions and support so you can grow and create a sustainable business. Lastly, I want you to connect with each other and grow a network of trusted colleagues who work and support each other!

Look forward to your conversations! Let's get started!

Here's to OUR success!

R. Lynn Pingol


Welcome to the group! I am exctied to have you on the forum!...
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