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MaKee Company

Strategize + Optimize + Action = Results


SOAR for your Success

MaKee Company (MKC) is dedicated to supporting the ecosystems of entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

We exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients.

Our comprehensive business solutions and unique hands on approach is not only what differentiates us,

but also what makes us successful.   MKC’s services are two-fold. 

We provide the bridge that connects the government agencies and the private sector to the small businesses/contractors and the public/community they need to engage.  MKC has created a unique solution based on the value of relationship and leveraging

Clients have used our services to facilitate change, achieve their vision, optimize performance,

increase capacity, growth, and sustainability. 

At MKC, we don't just hand you the manual and leave, we believe in rolling up our sleeves and digging in

As a one-stop shop for minorities and women, we believe that the MaKee Company has proven their capacity and capability to support the DBE firms seeking guidance in their day to day operations, particularly in Highway Heavy and Vertical Construction. We appreciate the practical approach the MaKee Company has taken with the DBE firms, to ensure that they understand standard business protocols.

Tim Worke, CEO

Associated General Contractors of Minnesota (AGC)

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