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MaKee Company (MKC) is a strategic consulting company that provides a unique Procurement Supply Chain Management service-catered to government agencies and the private sector, striving to work with minority and women owned small businesses.

We develop and implement procurement policies designed to be race and gender conscious, ensuring inclusively of historically marginalized groups.

We create and cultivate an entrepreneur eco-system for minorities and women to build capacity and navigate through the complex government procurement system.


We assist Fortune 500 companies with their diversity and inclusion goals as it relates to their spend dollars.  

At MKC, we don't just hand you the manual and leave, 

we believe in rolling up our sleeves and digging in!

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About Us


MKC’s core competencies lie in developing entrepreneur ecosystems, strategic planning & consulting, business coaching, policy development, and community engagement. 

With a background in project + construction management, real estate + asset management, and investment + financing, clients have used our services to facilitate change, achieve their vision, optimize employee performance, increase capacity, growth, sustainability, but most importantly impact their community.

​Our Knowledge Bank of Experts offers over 75 years of experience in various industries. Using technology, processes, and personalized learning interactions, we ensure our clients can maximize and apply what they learn, but most importantly – replicate the process for longevity!

At MKC, we don't just hand you the manual and leave, we believe in rolling up our sleeves and digging in!  

With our formula, we have a process with proven success!

 Strategize + Optimize + Action = Results

"As a one-stop shop for minorities and women, we believe that MaKee Company has proven their capacity and capability to support the DBE firms seeking guidance in their day to day operations, particularly in Highway Heavy and Vertical Construction.

"We were completely green on government contracting and running a business.  Working with MaKee Company allowed us to hone-in on our pitch and we have that now.  Really what we needed was someone to believe in us.

Jared Petersen
Straightforward, LLC

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