CCC is a systems approach to addressing economic healing, economic development, and supporting wealth building in communities that have been historically marginalized due to systemic issues.  

CCC is a force multiplier leveraging resources, knowledge, and experiences of construction industry leaders, professional technical experts, goods and services providers.  

We are currently involved in the business recovery and construction rebuild efforts of

Midway (St. Paul), Lake Street, and West Broadway

Interested in making a financial donation or materials donation? 

Midway Chamber of Commerce is accepting donations on behalf of the CCC Initiative. 

Please "earmark" your donation as CCC Initiative. 

Contact CHAD KULAS, Executive Director of Midway Chamber of Commerce here, or 612.414.1934 for more information

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Connecting industry resources and expertise where needed.

CCC's system approach is designed to:

  • Utilize and develop capacity of minority contractors and firms tied to industry

  • Identify and address barriers hindering minority contractor access, growth, and sustainability


  • Be a force multiplier in the construction industry; to include harnessing professional technical expertise, use goods and services  companies, coordination and distribution of materials and supplies

  • Partner to implement industry specific capacity building program model

  • Provide coordination and administration that results in collective impact

Construction Workers

BIPOC Contractors Needed

We are presently updating our list of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) contractors.  

Consider completing your FREE profile - if you are an MBE general contractor, sub-contractor and/or Professional/Technical (PT) firm.


  CCC processes allows us to be intentional in providing scopes of work for BIPOC contractors - who can be contracted to do the work for the rebuild efforts in these three communities.  



CCC looks to partner with the community in a variety of ways. Companies and organizations who can contribute legal, marketing, capacity building and construction industry leaders are welcome!


As we move into operationalizing our Work Experience Builder (W.E.B.) to support the business recovery and rebuild efforts, CCC will be seeking funding support to help bridge the needs of the small business affected in these three communities.    








Featured BIPOC General Contractors

Advanced Design Contracting

J Benson Construction

Trott-Binns Construction

BIPOC Sub-Contractors

3 Rivers Enterprise Inc.

A+ Professional Painting LLC

B&L Supply, Inc.

Banks Electric Corporation

Dorwin Hardware Co.

Frida Drywall Systems

MAG Mechanical

Midwest Select Contracting

Midwest Window Systems, LLC

Modern Electrical Solutions, Inc.

NewGen Builder Inc.

R&R Construction Cleanup

Remodeling DL

Show Me Painting

Sota Construction

Victus Engineering

WJRJ Electrical


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